"To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. Anybody can have ideas. The difficulty is to express them...in one glittering paragraph."
Mark Twain

Lee Kucera Freelance Writing Services

The Write Word specializes in meeting clients' writing needs with the following services

  • Speeches - Whether clients need to present a 60-second award acceptance, a 15-minute keynote address, or a corporate or commencement speech, they will be able to speak to the audience in language that reflects their own personal voice and style and conveys their ideas in concise and compelling language.
  • Articles - Regardless of the topic (from travel destinations to FDA regulations to personal profiles to the modern mavericks of American art), all articles will begin with a lead that hooks the reader, will develop the topic in smoothly flowing sequence, and will be crafted to inform and entertain.
  • Editorials - Lee Kucera has taught seminars on Writing and Selling the First-Person Essay and has written editorials and columns for publications including The Chicago Tribune, The Mercury News, the Cupertino Courier, the San Francisco Chronicle, McCall's, and others.
  • Special Event Scripts - Clients will receive a script that is tailored to the occasion and its audience, keeps the event moving according to a strict timetable, and gives the M.C. or presenters lively, conversational and transitional language to introduce activities or honorees.
  • Memorial Tributes - With an understanding that verbal reminiscences play a unique and meaningful role in a memorial service, tributes will be written in simple, eloquent, and evocative language that enables the speaker to capture the essence of the person being honored in a positive and uplifting remembrance.