"To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. Anybody can have ideas. The difficulty is to express them...in one glittering paragraph."
Mark Twain

Writing Samples by Lee Kucera

Below are some of Lee's past works

Editorial Columns

Example: Newspaper Editorial

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Example: Feature Article

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Special Events Scripts

Example: Arts Council Silicon Valley
Arts and Business Awards Luncheon

11:30Reception in foyer - Angels circulate among guests in dining room
11:45-11:50 Doors open, seating for lunch, jazz band plays - guests begin pre-served salads
12:00Angels tap on glasses to quiet the room...
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Conference Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speech to AAUW Regional Meeting - "Women in the Arts (Where Were They?)"

I had intended to speak this morning about women in arts administration; but then I began thinking about women in the arts in general; and that led me to the obvious question: where were they? Have you ever wondered, as I have, about the female counterparts of Michelangelo, of Da Vinci, of Rembrandt?Read more »

Award Acceptance

Example: Acknowledgement Remarks

It is ironic for me to be receiving an award for leadership in junior high school administration; because it was in junior high, 30 years ago, that I experienced my greatest personal failure. Literally, I was expelled from school during the middle of my eighth grade year for bad conduct, rock-bottom grades—and a real attitude... Read more »

Commencement Address

Example: Commencement Speech "Of Those to Whom Much is Given, Much is Required"

This is a day for thanks, and congratulations, and hope, and farewell. First, the thanks. I'm glad to have this rare opportunity to recognize publicly our dedicated staff. All of the adults here can recall those teachers in our own past who touched our lives forever—the ones who sparked our intellect or curiosity... Read more »

Memorial Tribute

Example: Eulogy

We remember J– today as a husband, father, grandfather, uncle, father-in-law, brother-in-law, Sokol brother, and friend. His full life spanned 88 years and three continents. These J– loved: his wife and family, the freedom of democracy, the ideals of the Sokol movement, the fierce competition of team sports, the music of the... Read more »